The Future of Migraine Care

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The Future
of Migraine Care is Coming!

Wish there was a better option for migraine care? So do we.

Relaspen, Portable Migraine Blocker, is being developed by Dr. Jason Cook a family physician on a mission to put the power of a better, faster migraine treatment, with no harsh side effects, into the hands of the patients who need it.  Based on the proven effective SPG block currently administered to migraine patients in a doctor’s office, Relaspen is a portable, self-administered intra-nasal device that can relieve a migraine anytime, anywhere in 20 minutes or less!
For migraine sufferers who have not been able to find quick, easy, anytime relief, with no harsh side effects, Relaspen portable migraine blocker will be a new, simpler, more effective treatment.

The Relaspen Story

How Does Relaspen Work?

Powerful, Easy, Effective Care

Relaspen is currently being developed by a family physician on a mission to provide patients a better option for their migraine care. 

A Safe, Simple Alternative to Existing Migraine Treatments

Relaspen is a portable, self-administered intra-nasal medical device that uses a soft touch, flexible tube, housed in a portable case, to apply a local anesthetic, lidocaine, directly to the SPG (Sphenopalatine Ganglion) nerve, located directly behind the bridge of the nose. By relaxing or “blocking” this nerve, Relaspen can significantly reduce a migraine anytime, anywhere, in as little as 20-minutes.

Put the power of your migraine treatment into your


The Future of Migraine Care

Relaspen Product Features

How it Works

Meet Dr. Cook,

Migraine Pioneer

A native of Eastaboga, Alabama, Dr. Jason Cook graduated magna cum laude from the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee. He attended The University of Alabama School of Medicine, and went on to complete his residency with the MAHEC Family Medicine Program in Asheville, NC. He spent four years serving underserved rural populations of North Carolina as a member of the National Health Service Corps, then began his current practice with The Family Health Centers in 2014.

In 2015 he founded The Family Health Centers Headache Clinic, where he provides both primary care and specialty headache care for thousands of patients every year. He is a Clinical Instructor of Family Medicine for the University of North Carolina School of Medicine where he lectures on advanced headache management to medical students and residents. Dr. Cook is an Eagle Scout, National Merit Scholar and a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society. He lives in a 105 year old house with his wife, two children, and dog, and loves spending time with them in the outdoors and around the vibrant neighborhoods of Asheville.

Industry Insights

For many people that have migraines, their headaches begin in adolescence and adulthood. Their recurrence can be frequent to unpredictably erratic. There is a wide range of experiences from annoyance to incapacitation for extended periods. Some people are unable to function in their lives during migraine onsets, which may last up to several days.

For several decades, acute migraine sufferers could be prescribed opioids by primary caregivers or emergency personnel. With our better understanding of the opioid crisis, we better understand the risk of dependence and are trying to move away from reliance upon addictive treatments. Relaspen represents an effective, quick-acting, non-narcotic treatment for migraine sufferers.

There are a lot of migraine treatments out there, but for some patients the available treatments don’t help. Some medications are expensive, unpredictable, or simply don’t work. The SPG block works for a majority of patients by eliminating or dramatically decreasing the severity of migraines. Relaspen can get patients back to work or their activities in as little as 15 minutes. Blake Fagan, MD

Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, University of North Carolina School of Medicine

Many patients struggle with migraines for decades before seeking treatments. Patients treated with some traditional medications may feel like zombies, can’t drive, and can’t work. Often their physicians won’t suggest alternate treatments and patients will remain on heavy medication despite these side effects. Dr. Cook is the exception. He strives to offer patients a way to manage migraine symptoms while using less medication. Stopping migraines at the onset using Relaspen can be a key to breaking the migraine cycle and returning patients to work, to relationships, to parenting, and to life. Nicole Lindsey, DC

Founder, Back in Balance Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Center

Migraine Patient Testimonials

Before Relaspen, I tried many types of treatments that didn’t help. I was having three or four migraines a week. I work long hours and am raising a toddler. I first tried a “cocktail” of medicines, but was limited by my insurance, which only allowed nine pills per month. I needed about nine pills per week.

Relaspen makes parenting and working much easier. I no longer feel overly medicated. My previous meds were tearing my stomach up, but now I can tell a huge difference. I’m down to two migraines a month. Before Relaspen, I was going to the doctor once or twice a month. Now, I haven’t been to the doctor in five months!

Tara G.

Migraine Patient , Relaspen Committed

I tried Botox treatment twice, but it didn’t work, although it was very expensive. I am 67 years old and have migraines on my right side that affect my right eye and cause nausea. Relaspen is the best thing I’ve ever had for a migraine! It’s really nice to know that I can make plans with people! In fact, I’m actually getting to go on vacation again without having to worry about headaches. It’s nice I can use Relaspen myself while I’m on a trip.

Rosa G.

Migraine Patient , Relaspen Committed

It’s wonderful to be able to treat myself at home when I’m in severe pain. Relaspen knocks my migraine out entirely. In 15 to 20 minutes, I’m back on my feet.

Emily A.

Migraine Patient , Relaspen Committed

Just knowing that it’s there, reduces my anxiety.

Larry L.

Migraine Patient , Relaspen Committed

The Future of Migraine Care is Coming! 

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